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Ami e Tami: Italian Album released.

My musician-friends will probably best understand what the post below means to me (as it has been years in the making)—I'm excited to officially share that the Italian version of my symphonic musical/opera Ami e Tami was just released online (Apple Music link is below. Also available on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and others)

The premier took place in Teatro Coccia, Novara a hot second before the pandemic, and although Covid delayed any subsequent touring plans (so far) it was a great honor to work with so many talented co-conspirators to bring this to life:

Starting with Dawn Lakewater (Aya Lavie) who wrote the libretto in our teens, and to Matthew Kelly who transformed the book into what it is today, and the supremely talented & humble Andrea Ascari who made the characters sing in Italian!

This project would not have happened without the (fierce) dedication of the cast Enea Lorenzoni and Marta Noè as Ami & Tami, Giulia Diomede as Mother/Witch, Stefano Colli as Father/Ogre, Leonardo Pesucci as Imf & Silvana Isolani as Grandmother.

I'm also thankful to Teatro Coccia for commissioning the Italian version, to Luca Ceretta for facilitating this, to director Marco Iacomelli whose whimsical esthetic was a perfect match to Matthew Kelly's magical realism, to Dèdalo ensemble & Marco Alibrando the wonderful music director, choreographer Ilaria Suss, assistant director Costanza Filaroni, Jacopo Dolce and all the singers and dancers from Scuola del Teatro Musicale under Davide Lenco's management, as well as the kids from Coro delle Voci Bianche (Paolo Beretta and Alberto Veggiotti).

Last but not least, is Donato Pepe — the sound engineer/designer who cleverly mixed the original production with the symphonic track recorded earlier in Boston and conducted by Benjamin Vickers. I hope some of you will listen to the recording — and share my excitement.


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