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Composer Mátti Kovler was born in Moscow, raised in Jerusalem and is now based in Brooklyn. Mátti has mastered a range of styles from folk and jazz to those steeped in the classical tradition, and brings these together in works of considerable dramatic scope, by turns comic, mystical, warm and searing. Kovler's eclectic output, from children musicals to contemporary opera and symphonic work has been compared to that of Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Weill and Alfred Schnittke. No matter the medium — from concert works to immersive music theatre — his work is characterized by a synthesis of styles stemming from a sense of musical wonderment and ravenous appetite for a wide swath of influences.


May 28, 2020

Due to Covid 19, it has been temporarily impossible to mail physical perusal copies of scores or parts. Therefore, a number of selected scores (including the new Italian version of Ami and Tami) have been made available as free pdf's via the SCORES section on this webs...

December 19, 2019

Ami & Tami, the family opera-musical, premiered at Teatro Coccia, Novara, on November 29, 30th and December 1st. Directed by Marco Iacomelli, the premier featured a new, revised libretto by Matthew Cole Kelly, with Italian translation by Andrea Ascari. Stay tuned for m...

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The Drumf and the Rhinegold
an operatic apocalypse
Here Comes Messiah
a mono-opera for soprano and orchestra
Ami & Tami
a musical fable for children
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Amanda Cooper, ALC Management 

Email: amanda@alc-arts.com
Web: alc-arts.com

Inquiries for ‘Here Comes Messiah’, ‘Ami & Tami’, ‘The Drumf & the Rhinegold’. Booking, budgeting:

Floating Tower

Erin Simmons, producer

907 Lafayette Ave,

Brooklyn NY 11221


tel: +1 469 826 0000

Mátti Kovler's scores and recordings are published exclusively by BarkolMusic [ASCAP] and Floating Tower Records. 


Inquiries regarding all European engagements: 

World Entertainment Company

Luca Ceretta, managing director

Király utca 56. 1. em 5

1068 Budapest

cell HU +36 3067 49980

cell ITA +39 329 472 1404



For repertoire advice and general information about scores and individual works please contact Mátti directly at


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