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BitterSweet Cabaret

a song cycle for voice and piano

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The star of the evening was Reut Rivka, after her very first number I was a bit short of breath from the painful beauty she evoked.

De Volkskrrant   The Netherlands


BitterSweet Cabaret is a two part art song cycle in Hebrew originally written for the extraordinary Israeli chanteuse Reut Rivka. Part 1, Songs of Innocence, to lyrics by Israeli children, deals with the vulnerability and joy of coming of age. Part 2, Songs of Experience, to lyrics by contemporary Israeli poets, was written during Mátti's service in the Israeli military in 1999-2002 and reflects a sense of nostalgia, a Hebrew "saudade" for a distant childhood, tenderly conveyed through Reut Rivka's artful interpretation. A dual album recording of the full cycle is available for download in the albums section of this website.

Part 1, Songs of Innocence

1. Cabbage with mayonnaise (Eli Amzaleg)

2. Hanukkah (Eli Amzaleg)

3. Balloons (Zvi Landsman)

4. Jacob the Doll (Eli Amzaleg)

5. Neshamonet (Eli Amzaleg)

6. On a sticky summer day (Yair Vardi)

Part 2, Songs of Experience

7. I have seen it all (Ilan Sheinfeld)

8. Palm tree (Ilan Sheinfeld)

9. All the sadness (Ilan Sheinfeld)

10. Lola (Yona Wallach)

11. Cheek on cheek (Amir Gilboa)

12. Through the flesh (Hava Pinhas Cohen)



13. That time of year (W. Shakespeare Hebrew translation: M. Singer)





July 16, 2008


Jerusalem Music Centre

Reut Rivka, voice

Mátti Kovler, piano

an art song cycle in two parts


BitterSweet Cabaret | Neshamonet

Reut Rivka, Mátti Kovler, Ehud Ettun

3:08 min, excerpt




Amanda Cooper, ALC Management 



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