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Clarinet Quintet

for clarinet solo and string quartet

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Nittai the Arbelite said: stay far from an evil neighbor and do not associate with the wicked; and do not despair in the face of calamity.

Chapter 2  Pirkei Avot


The clarinet quintet is dedicated to my most influential composition teacher, André Hajdu, and includes a paraphrase from his song based on a text from the Mishnah. This is one of my only works based on a strict seria of pitches, yet a sense of modality is present throughout. The two poles, modal and serial, gradually coincide, and at the end, the modality prevails – at a certain point, the music reaches almost a “Klezmer” sound, paraphrasing the original Hajdu tune. 

—Mátti Kovler




clarinet & string quartet

June 12, 2005

The Jerusalem Academy of Music

Illan Schul – clarinet,

Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra Quartet

Commissioned by Aley Shir Festival, Mizra, Israel (2005)

Dedicated to André Hajdu


Hajdu's Niggun | ClarinetFest (2017)

Los Angeles Clarinet Choir, Margaret Thornhill (cond.)

9:42 min, full

Shoresh Nishmat | Michelstadt, Germany (2006)

Shoresh Nishmat

2:24 min, excerpt




Amanda Cooper, ALC Management 



Inquiries for ‘Here Comes Messiah’, ‘Ami & Tami’, ‘The Drumf & the Rhinegold’:

Floating Tower

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Mátti Kovler's scores and recordings are published exclusively by BarkolMusic [ASCAP] and Floating Tower Records. 


Inquiries regarding all European engagements: 

World Entertainment Company

Luca Ceretta, managing director

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1068 Budapest

cell HU +36 3067 49980

cell ITA +39 329 472 1404

For Repertoire advice, commission inquiries and general information about scores and individual works please contact Mátti directly at

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